GitHubFlowVersion TeamCity MetaRunner

The other day I created a TeamCity Meta Runner that allows you to run GitHubFlowVersion against an MSBuild file. I thought I’d share it because it’s cool and demonstrates how powerful this new TeamCity feature is.

If you want to see more Meta Runners check out the GitHub repository that Jetbrains has created.

Disclaimer: this runner doesn’t expose all of the options of GitHubFlowVersion.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<meta-runner name="Run Solution using GitHubVersion">
  <description>Run Solution using GitHubVersion</description>
      <param name="mr.GitHubFlowVersion.SolutionFile" value="" spec="text description='The .sln file relative to the working directory (or any MSBuild file).' display='normal' label='Solution (.sln):' validationMode='notempty'" />
      <runner id="RUNNER_14" name="" type="Ant">
          <param name="build-file">
            <project name="MetaRunner">
              <property name="mr.GitHubFlowVersion.Version" value="1.3.2" />
              <target name="downloadGitHubFlowVersion">
                <echo>Downloading and extracting latest GitHubFlowVersion.exe...</echo>
                <exec executable="%teamcity.tool.NuGet.CommandLine.DEFAULT.nupkg%\tools\NuGet.exe" dir="${}" failonerror="true">
                  <arg line="install GitHubFlowVersion -Version ${mr.GitHubFlowVersion.Version} -OutputDirectory &quot;${}\packages&quot;"/>
                <echo>Downloaded and extracted latest GitHubFlowVersion.exe.</echo>
              <target name="run" depends="downloadGitHubFlowVersion">
                <echo>Running GitHubFlowVersion.exe...</echo>
                <exec executable="${}\packages\GitHubFlowVersion.${mr.GitHubFlowVersion.Version}\tools\GitHubFlowVersion.exe" dir="${}" failonerror="true">
			<arg line="/WorkingDirectory &quot;${}&quot; /UpdateAssemblyInfo /ProjectFile=&quot;${mr.GitHubFlowVersion.SolutionFile}&quot;"/>
                <echo>Finished running GitHubFlowVersion.exe.</echo>
          <param name="build-file-path" value="build.xml" />
          <param name="target" value="run" />
          <param name="teamcity.coverage.emma.include.source" value="true" />
          <param name="teamcity.coverage.emma.instr.parameters" value="-ix -*Test*" />
          <param name="teamcity.coverage.idea.includePatterns" value="*" />
          <param name="teamcity.step.mode" value="default" />
          <param name="use-custom-build-file" value="true" />
    <requirements />

WordPress 2014 Theme Full Width

I recently decided to upgrade my theme from WordPress’ 2011 Theme to the new 2014 one. I think the typography of the 2014 one is absolutely beautiful. The problem I had with the built-in theme though is that it restricts the content to a 474px width, which might be fine for text-only posts, but when you have a lot of images and in particular source code snippets then it’s simply too squishy.

What I ended up doing to fix the problem was installing the Simple Custom CSS plugin and then adding the following CSS:

.site-content .entry-header,
.site-content .entry-content,
.site-content .entry-summary,
.site-content .entry-meta,
.comments-area {
	max-width: 900px!important;

.site {
    max-width: none!important;