iPad: Seven weeks on

So I’ve had the privilege of having an iPad for almost a couple of months now and I’ve spent a fair bit of time experimenting with a few different apps and thinking of ideas for uses of this interesting UI. I’ve also had numerous discussions with various friends and colleagues about some potential use cases for the iPad.

With that in mind I wanted to summarise my initial thoughts and ideas; nothing too prolific, but maybe over time I can refine my thoughts. I should also note I haven’t done a lot of research into innovative ways the iPad is currently being used apart from what I have observed within apps that I have used. If anyone has any good links to content then feel free to post them in the comments; in particular I am interested in any research being undertaken at Universities.

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Previous Posts

Previous to starting this blog I was posting on a blog I started with my job at Curtin University. As you will see if you look at the blog, I got VERY busy towards the middle / end of 2010 so there is a big gap in blog posts after I started.

The following posts were my favourite:
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New Blog!

So I’m starting a new blog, which is something that I have been planning to do for quite a while now.

I collect a lot of technical knowledge through my work and side-projects and I feel that this, combined with the fact I enjoy teaching people, leads to a good starting point for a blog. So I plan to disseminate my knowledge and experience through this blog and consequently reach a larger audience than I do during my day-to-day life. It will also serve as a good portfolio of sorts to compliment my CV (at least much better than my current website, which I did 5 years ago and will soon be redirecting to this blog!).
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