Rob is the Chief Technology Officer of MakerX where he is building out a vision 6 years in the making, including the principles, culture, people, approaches, intellectual property and successful deliveries that form the basis of an amazing company. #makersmake

He specialises in leading teams and businesses to successfully innovate and change by focusing on the delivery of business value using Agile and Lean values and principles and by adopting DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices. He has a keen interest in mobile, web and cloud software development.

Robert has a proven track record of successfully delivering software projects with a particular focus on accelerated business value delivery, measurement and realisation and he has also been a proponent for and leader towards positive cultural change and gradual continuous improvement across a number of organisations, teams and projects.

Robert has experience in all aspects of software delivery including requirements gathering, analysis, project planning and inception, design, UX, development, testing, documentation, deployment, automation, support, analytics and measurement, end user engagement, project management, executive reporting and technical and process leadership.

Specialities: Cultural change, Lean, Agile, Software Engineering, Cloud, mobile and Web application development, Technical, Cultural and Servant Leadership, Presenting and Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital Strategy.