Previous Posts

Previous to starting this blog I was posting on a blog I started with my job at Curtin University. As you will see if you look at the blog, I got VERYbusy towards the middle / end of 2010 so there is a big gap in blog posts after I started.

The following posts were my favourite:

  • Form (X)HTML Semantics - A post outlining my thoughts on the best semantic markup for HTML forms. In short - definition lists.
  • [ vs ]( - A post outlining the proper use of these often misunderstood HTML tags. In short - Use <abbr> when the abbreviation is pronounced with each letter spelled out (e.g. HTML); use <acronym> when the abbreviation is spoken (e.g. NATO).
  • ColdFusion Remote Methods - A post talking about the best way to facilitate remote calls in ColdFusion (although the concepts covered are relevant to any web service implementation). Includes information about AJAX calls, authentication, error handling and quite a few code samples. Really useful if you are using ColdFusion.
  • Unit Testing Web Applications - A post about the general strategies you need to utilise in order to make web applications unit testable and discusses the concept of unit testing JavaScript.
  • JSCoverage - Quick post about using the JSCoverage code coverage tool with QUnit to get code coverage of unit tests in JavaScript.
  • Nested CF Transaction Blocks - Quick tip for creating nested in CF with code snippet.
  • Automatic News Summary Feed in OpenText CMS - Post covering how to set up an automatic news summary section in OpenText CMS that grabs the last Xnumber of news items from a news page, but only requires a single reference to the news page to work.
  • File Upload Validation - Post covering my thoughts on file type validation on uploads in HTML forms. In short - only use file type restriction when absolutely necessary and when doing so use extensions over mime types.