Blog about software engineering, web development, agile/lean/Continuous Delivery, C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft Azure.

Rob is the Chief Technology Officer of MakerX where he is building out a vision 6 years in the making, including the principles, culture, people, approaches, intellectual property and successful deliveries that form the basis of an amazing company. #makersmake

He is an Open Source Software contributor via his personal GitHub as well as TestStack and MRCollective.

He lives in Perth, Australia and has a BEng (Hons 1) (CompSysEng) and BSc (CompSc). You can find him on Twitter and GitHub as @robdmoore.

Robert is interested in agile methodologies, lean, continuous delivery, software engineering, web development, aircraft and floorball.

All source code on this blog and Robert’s Gists are Public Domain unless otherwise stated.

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New Blog!

  • ~1 min read

So I’m starting a new blog, which is something that I have been planning to do for quite a while now.

I collect a lot of technical knowledge through my work and side-projects and I feel that this, combined with the fact I enjoy teaching people, leads to a good starting point for a blog. So I plan to disseminate my knowledge and experience through this blog and consequently reach a larger audience than I do during my day-to-day life. It will also serve as a good portfolio of sorts to compliment my CV (at least much better than my current website, which I did 5 years ago and will soon be redirecting to this blog!).

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